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Justice, justice, all cry for justice!


Justice, justice, all cry for justice,
One child takes another child’s toy,
Not fair, not fair all cry not fair!
Father beats his child,
Child hides in closet,
Why me, why me, all cry why me!
She does all the work,
He gets all the credit,
Not right, not right, all cry not right!
The rich get richer,
The poor get poorer,
Corrupt, corrupt, all cry corrupt!
Politicians steal and take bribes,
The citizens suffer,
Foul play, foul play, all cry foul play!
Nation rages against nation,
Gang clashes with gang,
Violence, violence, all cry violence
Mom lies in bed, gasping and shivering,
Tears streaming down he watches her die,
Why God, why God, all cry why God!
Creation groans, creation waits,
As injustice increases, all cry to Him,
Return, Return, ALL CRY RETURN!

The Echoes of Christ

“What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity” -Maximus Decimus Meridius (Gladiator)

            Lately I have been thinking a lot about echoes how there are things, people, events and moments in history that continue to echo throughout time in our personal lives as well as large populations and some that echo throughout the whole world. Some echoes bring joy to our lives and some bring pain, some bring excitement to populations and some bring sorrow. For one the day their wedding day may be an echo of joy that continues to echo throughout their lives, for another painful echo of a divorce continues to echo throughout their lives. These echoes can affect the way they think, feel and even live life. For a nation the echo of a man who lived and died for a just cause like Martin Luther King Jr. can have a positive affect or even a negative one depending how they receive it. If you are German or Jewish the echo of the Holocaust is still a painful echo that leaves both groups hurting and others uncomfortable to even mention. There are even the echoes of things, people and events that have transpired that most people now do not even know about, yet they are experiencing the echoes left behind like: Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first telephone which over time has give us the iPhone.

I think about these echoes that continue to echo over time there is one particular echo that has not quieted but is actually getting louder. This echo has impacted many people of many nations for many generations we have seen nations rise and fall because of this echo. Some hear the echo and try to ignore it exists and others pretend it is saying something else; even so it continues to echo with its essence unaltered no matter how it is received. This echo I speak of is the life of Jesus. From the moment of conception at the incarnation His life has brought forth one massive echo that would only get stronger, bigger and louder. While He walked this earth He confronted the way many lived their lives calling all to the first and second commandment. He confronted the religious system of His day, sickness, death and demonic strongholds. He was a friend of the broken sinner, yet despised by many of the religious leaders of His day. He was betrayed and denied by those closest to Him yet most of them returned and went on to testify of Him. He was falsely accused and put to death having done nothing wrong. He was killed by those He came to save, yet His love overcame the power of death three days later. He now sits at the right hand of His Father having conquered death, hell and the grave and will one day return to establish His Kingdom of righteousness and justice. No life has left an echo like the life of Christ.

No matter how much we try to ignore the echoes of Christ, no matter how we try to pretend it says something else these echoes persist declaring the truth of the love of God, the power of the cross and resurrection that has conquered sin and death. They declare of a blessed hope that is found in the truth that He is coming again to right the wrongs and restore that which has fallen into brokenness. These echoes cannot be stopped because they are telling the story of what has happened, how it is impacting in the present and even points to what will one day happen.

Just last week we celebrated the echo left by the cross and the resurrection and all across the earth people experienced the echoes in some manner. Many celebrated them, many tried to ignore them and others tried to pretend they were something else (i.e. a big candy giving bunny). Yet the echo continued declaring of Christ’s power over sin, death, hell and the grave. The echo declares that Jesus is alive, that He is not a liar and if He says He will do something, then He will do it. He said He would rise from the dead three days later and He did; so when He says He will come again and establish His Kingdom then we can trust that He will. He is alive after all. This echo left by the cross and resurrection fills us with hope of His return. We find our blessed hope in the reality that He is alive, He is not a liar, that He is just and He will return. Oh that we would take the time and sit and listen to the echoes left to us through His life, that we would know this man whose words are red, and experience the joyous hope we find in Him.